Marital fatigue

Instead of a love-sick fifteen-year-old, I had become a foolish twenty-two-year-old, but nothing else seemed to have changed much. To make matters worse, shame was something I rarely felt, so when the hinges came off, there wasn’t anything, neither emotion nor wisdom, to hold me back. “Look Lee, can I call you Lee? Lee Harlem […]

That night at the bar

“Hello, Miss Robinson. Do sit down. I’m Mrs Stevens, but you can call me Nathalie. How’s it going?” She towered over a wide desk cluttered with paper and folders, her hair as blond and her eyes as blue as on the day I’d met her. “Nice to meet you, Nathalie. It’s going great. What can […]

When it started

Nine years ago I made a mistake, but, back then, I was clearly convinced I was doing the right thing. I was fresh out of school and had just gotten a job doing admin at a paper factory. I wanted to be a journalist, just like everyone else in my year, but it was either […]

Opening Statement

So here I am in Hong Kong, all alone on the other side of the world. How did I get here? All I can say at this point is: continue reading if you want to find out. Lee