Letters were written

Three weeks after swapping my tiny village for the big city, something I should have done immediately after I finished university, I was on the phone with my mother, when she suddenly asked me if I’d heard from Nathalie. While trying to conceal the surprise in my voice, and the sinking feeling in my stomach […]

What was I thinking?

I considered not going to work at all on Monday, but I didn’t want to give Nathalie the satisfaction of not even having to fire me. When I didn’t hear from her on Sunday, I knew it was over. Throughout our affair she had always made it pretty clear that she didn’t want to talk […]

She used to call me Harry

I didn’t want to move to Hong Kong, you know. I wanted to go to New York and hang with some hipsters half my age. If it were solely up to me, I would be immersing myself in some Brooklyn subculture right now, but instead, I find myself battling for a spot on the sidewalk […]

The stars aligned

I kissed Nathalie and she didn’t have any qualms about kissing me back. She gave me all the tongue she’d been holding back from her husband for months, if not years. You have to picture the scene. I was kissing Nathalie Daniels, the girl who over the years − in my memory only of course, […]

The first kiss

I didn’t have a plan that night. I just showed up at her door five minutes late so I didn’t come across as too eager, handed her a bottle of wine, and settled in the couch. Soon, the conversation was totally consumed by tales of Peter again, and how they’d had a big fight the […]