Happy holidays

Before crossing over to 2011, let’s go back to 2001 one more time. One rather boring afternoon in the office − Theresa was probably out − I got a distressed phone call from Alex telling me that Liz was in the hospital. She had been in a pretty nasty car crash, her life wasn’t in […]

Meanwhile, back in Hong Kong

By now you must think I’m not that fond of Hong Kong. You wouldn’t be entirely incorrect in your perception. But, while I wouldn’t say I’ve come completely to grips with this city yet, as I will need a few more months before I can call this place home, I have actually met quite a […]

What about Elizabeth?

Maybe I had, rather inadvertently, slept with a call girl, but compared to the people I met in London, I might as well have been a virgin. Not that at heart we were so different, because in the end, we were all just looking for love, Elizabeth included. Liz, as I was soon instructed to […]

So much for office boundaries

Theresa had taken me to a fundraiser event in East London, not far from where Alex and I lived. We were about to return to our respective homes when she stopped and turned towards me. “Is Alex home tonight by any chance? You’ve told me so much about him and I would love to meet […]

Did I or didn’t I?

Technically, I slept with a prostitute, but I never paid for it and Alex swore on his most precious (signed) Madonna album (Like a Prayer) that he hadn’t given Elizabeth any money because, for one, she was way too expensive and she owed him a favour anyway. This whole episode tastes of dubious moral integrity, […]