Straight Sofia

There are about seven million people in Hong Kong, but we all live crammed together in a small area − more specifically on top of each other in one high-rise building after another − so it’s not unusual to bump into people you know on the street. In that respect, it’s actually more like a […]

Of napkins and sex toys

Claire said she had tried to call me numerous time and that she got worried when I didn’t pick up. I had no idea where my cell phone was, and Claire turning up at our flat didn’t exactly help my clarity of mind. When I asked her how she knew where I lived, she showed […]

The day after

As soon as Claire left, I called Theresa on her cell phone. “Good morning, Miss Robinson, wild night?” “Bloody hell, Theresa. What have you done to me?” “Don’t worry, I’ve already spoken to Claire. I won’t be expecting you before lunch. You’ve done your part. Oh, and take a long hot bath and drink loads […]

The morning after

Monday morning I woke up with the most heinous hangover and to make matters worse, it wasn’t in my own bed. Instead, I found myself trying to pry open my eyes in Claire Burns’s hotel room. How did this happen? One word: alcohol. I like kind women, women who treat me right and don’t fuck […]

It Burns, Burns, Burns

When Theresa hired me as her assistant, she was head of the Accounts department of the London branch of an international advertising and PR company. When I was interviewing for the job she told me that she would hire me for three reasons, the most important one being that she didn’t have the desire, nor […]