Exit Claire

I was no saint and Claire was no saint, but where is it written that you have to be saint-like to make a relationship work? We did what we could with who we were and what we stood for, half of the time it worked like a charm, the other half we hung on by […]

Dyke Mayhem

Of course, images of Katy pushing Claire against the wall while they both moaned in delightful ecstasy kept flashing through my mind. After all, I didn’t even have to imagine it, as Katy had once done the exact same thing to me. Then there was the minor fact that Katy was actually the first girlfriend […]

The beginning of the end

Everything started falling apart when Claire came back from a business trip to London. She called me on her way back to Paris and spoke the ominous words, “Can you be at the flat when I get home, please? I need to tell you something. You won’t like it.” She was right, I could not […]

The beauty of it all

I think I’m starting to get used to this city, it certainly beats the icy Europe winters this time of year. As humans we adapt easily to any given situation, that has been proven once more. Over time, I’ve gotten used to the shouting and stern-looking locals, I expect them to slam the door in […]

Love and lies

Never, in the three years that Claire and I were together, did I question my love for her. I looked at her and I knew. When it matters, you do. The first year of our relationship was pretty rocky, to say the least. The second year, once the boundaries were set and the ground rules […]