Endless possibilities

Last night I took Alex and Liz to Nha Trang, a popular Vietnamese restaurant in Central. It is in fact such a coveted dining spot that you have to queue up outside until a table frees up, but it’s worth it. While we were waiting on the pavement, listening to Alex’s late night adventures after […]

When it mattered

That night I went to Marie’s house with myself on offer. But the exchange we were about to make was not a simple one. I would eat her food and drink her wine and then I would let her seduce me. It sounded easy enough, when I deducted the emotion. I focussed on the name […]

Indecent proposal

Jennifer and Kim shared a fairly large house in Shoreditch with their gay friends Jack and Adam. They seemed to have a nice little gay commune thing going on but then Adam had to relocate to Geneva for work and they had a room to spare. That’s where I came in. Kim was Theresa’s assistant […]


Katy and I never really settled our feud. I put up with her as best as I could, but I was way too stubborn to forgive her. Of course with time came the realisation that it wasn’t all her fault. We were all to blame. Either way, I had to focus on more pressing matters, […]

Abstinence makes the heart grow stronger

Hong Kong is making me feel lonely again. “There are so many people in this city but if you don’t connect with the right ones, you end up feeling incredibly alone. Anonymous crowds are mean bitches.” This advice was given to me during my first week here. It still crosses my mind every day. It’s […]