The dog in the night time

After Jack left I texted Jennifer, He knows. I wasn’t sure what Jack’s next move would be, but chances were that if he knew, Kim did as well − except if she had retreated in a huge bubble of denial. Five minutes later Jen called me, her voice desperate over the phone, “What do you […]


“Hi Lee, I think we need to talk.” I escorted Jack to my temporary room, Liz’s guest room, and we sat down on the bed. “Why won’t you come home?” My palms were sweaty and I was staring at my feet. “And why won’t you look at me? You’re making me assume the worst here.” […]


These things happen. That was about all I had to hold on to. My ten days away from home − and Kim − had been naughty, because of Jennifer’s visits, but also lonely. Nothing makes you feel more alone than, time and time again, watching a lover go back to their partner. At night, after […]


I had been the other woman once before − with Nathalie − but this time I wasn’t only sleeping with someone else’s partner, that someone was also my friend. I know, I should have had some psychotherapy when I had the chance, but I probably would have ended up shagging the therapist anyway, it being […]

Cosmic karma

Basically I need to convince a woman I met less than a month ago to stay in this city because of me. That’s a lot of pressure. Lucia and I talk a lot, as we have a million questions to ask each other, but we avoid the subject of leaving like the plague. I fully […]