After dinner

“Is there no man in your life?” I asked. It was ten o’clock. We were on our fourth bottle of wine. I still hadn’t heard from Jennifer. In my head she was fucking Kim in the swivel chair in her office while whispering in her ear how much she still loved her − and that […]

Family dinner

During dinner I alternated between being marvelled and shocked by Eleanor and Lucy’s conversation. I had never witnessed such openness between members of the same family. I certainly didn’t have to worry about Lucy being even remotely homophobic, the way she almost applauded her aunt’s sexual inclination. Or maybe she was just trying really hard […]

Words of wisdom

The next weekend I moved all my earthly belongings into the attic floor of Eleanor’s house. Once again, Lucy was there. As if I was a project she had to manage. Earlier that week I had paid Eleanor a visit to take some measurements and ask what her policy on house guests of house guests […]


I didn’t stay long after that. There was no point. My presence just hurt everyone more. I suppose I learned a valuable lesson that day − do not have affairs − but I loved Jennifer. Kim was obviously grieving for their relationship, being the one left behind, but Jen had her own battles to fight. […]

The confrontation

Kim looked at me as if she had seen a ghost. She literally seemed to stare right through me. I was only the woman who had ruined her life, but not before becoming her friend first. I despised myself. I glanced at Jennifer and actually wondered if it was all worth this, if love was […]