“Oh, and I’m having dinner with Claire tonight.” The red digits on my alarm clock told me it was a quarter past eleven. Lucy had brought me a tray with eggs and toast − she really was too good to be true. Listlessly, I munched the toast. “Claire? Who’s Claire? You mentioned that name last […]


I arrived home at three in the morning, drunk out of my mind and dizzy from my unexpected encounter with Claire. Eleanor and Lucy were still up, talking in the living room. Lucy’s face was red and blotchy. “Come sit with us a minute, Lee,” Eleanor said. I slouched down in the couch next to […]

It still burns

For three glorious but arduous years I had worshipped at the feet of Claire Burns, until she had exhausted every ounce of love I had for her, until my passion had bled me dry, drained me of my common sense, and she left for New York. I had forgiven her for the sins she had […]


That was Lucy’s coming out. She was thirty-eight − it was about time. Eleanor was stupefied so Alex and I left them to talk. I was proud of Lucy, but I also felt sorry for her and all the experience, bitter or sweet, she had missed out on. “What a shocker,” Alex said. “I just […]


On Friday, Alex and his big mouth came to dinner at Eleanor’s. He had brought two bottles of Eleanor’s favourite sherry, that, and his company, made Eleanor’s tongue lose all its restraint. They didn’t spare anyone in their mocking banter, especially not Lucy. “So, Lucy, you didn’t waste any time snatching up old Lee, then,” […]