Death by blazer

On Tuesday, just as I was about to head out for my lunch break, Sarah called. This is it, I thought, I will not take no for an answer, I need to see her tonight. “Hey, Lee. I’m just boarding the train. I should be in London in two hours. Would you like to have […]

Working late

I worked late that Monday night. I had a feeling I wouldn’t see Lucy at Eleanor’s house tonight, or any other night, any time soon, and I wanted to say something to make it right − even though I hadn’t an inkling of what that could be. The truth was that from the beginning I […]

Office talk

“Who’s Sarah?” “What?” “Who the hell is Sarah?” Had Lucy read my mind? Had she hypnotised me in my sleep or had I been dreaming out loud? I never even mentioned Sarah’s name to her. Only Alex, Claire and Vivian knew about Sarah’s existence. I closed Lucy’s office door and sat down opposite her. Here […]

The mellow aftermath

“Can I take Wednesday off?” Lucy’s head rested heavy on my shoulder, her hair tickling my lips. We lay in my bed and what better time to ask her than in the mellow aftermath of sex. “I suppose. You know I’m not difficult about things like that. You can arrange your own schedule as long−” […]


Sunday afternoon I finally got another call from Sarah. By then my nerves were shot through with anticipation and fear − fear of her not showing up, not calling back, postponing. Fear of anything that might stand in the way of our reunion. Because of my break-up with Claire I had attached a lot of […]