“What happened to you?” “I think we can easily break it down into one word again. Women.” I tried to find a way to sit comfortably in Roz’s chair but forty-five minutes on a spin-bike − after a life-time of absence − had chaffed my backside so severely I could barely sit down. “Aren’t you […]


Joan appeared perfectly nice when I met her the next Monday at one PM sharp. She had muscles popping under her skin in places where I never expected muscles to be, but being beefy was her job, so, at first, it didn’t scare me. “Let’s see what you’re made of,” she said with the enthusiasm […]

That suburban housewifely feeling

“Good morning, Lee.” Annabelle’s voice pierced through my hangover. I had stayed in the pub long after Roz had left, nursing pint after pint while going through my options. By the time I had come up with some viable solutions to curbing the drama in my life − as per Roz’s suggestion − I had […]


I sat there, in the glaring lights of Anna’s kitchen, across from Roz, once again, but this time outside the ambiguous safety of her office. She looked at me expectantly, her eyes glowering through her glasses − and I was already feeling so self-conscious. “What are you trying to say?” I felt as if I […]

A quiet dinner

“Does that include me?” Nathalie asked. It threw me so off guard I nearly knocked over my glass, catching it just before it tipped over completely and soaked Nathalie and Anna’s kitchen table. “What?” “I think Anna’s having an affair.” It took a while to register completely. “Why do you think so?” “With Roz.” My […]