Happiness levels

“Good,” Roz said and put her empty glass down. “I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, but I really need to be touched right now.” She reached for the glass in my hand, drained it, and set it next to hers on the coffee table. “I realise I don’t exactly look my best and […]

Hendricks & Tonic

Roz knocked on the door at five past nine, sank down on the couch next to me, sighed with all the power in her lungs and put her hand on my thigh. “I need a stiff drink,” she said. “What about you?” “I’ll wait until the parents have returned, but please, be my guest. I’ll […]

Degrees of heartache

“Thanks a bunch, Lee.” Millie slammed her gym bag on my desk with surprising force. I had not expected her to be able to lift her arms up that high after her first session with Joan. “Who did you shag to get out of that torturous assignment?” “Trade secrets, Millie. They can’t be shared.” “Is […]

The Big L

“I didn’t sleep with Joan and I have no intention of doing so. I’m sorry for even considering it.” “Did you lose your job?” “No. Lucy sorted it out−” “Your ex Lucy?” “My boss Lucy.” “But she’s also your ex.” “Well, yeah−” “And what did that cost you?” “Nothing.” “Am I meant to believe that […]

Metaphors and spritzers

Alex and Lou were seated at the bar, their heads huddled closely together, seemingly plotting something ultra-secret. The sight of Lou cramped a considerable amount of muscles in my body, so much so that I stopped walking towards her abruptly as fear spasmed through me. But, as always with fear, I knew how to nip […]