All those yesterdays

“Oh yes,” Sarah said, the sparkles in her eyes intensifying every second, “and I have so much to catch up on.” “All those years wasted on men. Such a shame.” “I wouldn’t say wasted. Arif and I have two children. In fact, if it weren’t for them, I would have left Manchester already.” “Where to? […]

The L Word

My heart started thumping beneath my ribs. I had all but forgotten about Sarah and the delicious twenty-four hours we spent together. Everything was different now – I was with Lou now. “Go on,” I said to Lou and Vic, “I’ll catch up with you.” I needed some privacy for this conversation. The night was […]


On Sunday evening Lou, Vic and I were eating kebabs to help with our hangovers when Claire called my mobile. “Hey stud,” I said. “Did you need Rohypnol for that or did you do it all on your own?” Lou rolled her eyes at me but I couldn’t help it that Claire was going to […]

Come And Go

The unthinkable has happened, lezzers. There will be no blogging this week. It’s for a good dramatic cause though, as I’ll be using the time to get a start on the rewrite of Come And Go. I hope to set a definite release date by the end of this month (and send the first chapter […]


“That’s Roz and, erm, dare I say it. She’s straight.” “How straight?” “Since when are there degrees of straight?” “Since 1986 when I met this girl Cindy–” “You’re not straight to any degree, Claire. Given the chance, you’d shag that fridge over there.” “If you’re going to be like that, I’ll find out on my […]