Merry Christmas

Happy holidays, vagitarians. I won’t be blogging next week – because who reads blogs between digesting the turkey and preparing for the NYE decadence anyway? Instead, I’ll be giving Come and Go one last polish before its release on 13 February. When I return I’ll publish chapter two, along with all the information on how […]

Ringing bells

Despite a growing detachment, I let Jill shag me for another week. Until the next Friday when I rang her bell and I knew it would be the last time. I knew because every day her post-sex gaze had gotten more intense, closer to real emotions than I could bear. In reply I hurried out […]

The worst of it

“Five more minutes,” Jill said. “I’ll go home with you then.” “You don’t have to. Stay here with your friends.” I stood slanted against the wall, my resolve crumbling and my nerves testy. Jill and I had only been shagging for a week, she wasn’t responsible for my well-being. “I shouldn’t have brought you here. […]


I spent every night at Jill’s that week. Her company was pleasant. She cooked the most amazing meals. It kept me away from Eleanor and Lucy and it gave me something to do instead of giving in to the growing emptiness inside me, that lingering doubt, that seed that Eleanor had planted in my brain […]

Our beloved boss

The next day at work I made a point of avoiding Lucy’s eyes. Jill’s little revelation hadn’t come as a complete surprise, but it was still enough to put me on edge and my nerves already felt so raw. To top it off that week was my dear colleague Millie’s last one at Blogging The […]