Merry Christmas

Come And Go Happy holidays, vagitarians. I won’t be blogging next week – because who reads blogs between digesting the turkey and preparing for the NYE decadence anyway? Instead, I’ll be giving Come and Go one last polish before its release on 13 February. When I return I’ll publish chapter two, along with all the information on how to pre-order a paperback copy. (Check out the first four chapters here.) See you next year for the final act of this dyke drama, in which the events that led to Lee’s exile in Hong Kong will finally be revealed. Cheers.



5 Responses to “Merry Christmas”

  1. James Gannaban says:

    Lee!!! I luuuurve the cover design, the first line, the first chapter, love the characters’ names (CJ Buxton?! How snobbish!), luuuurve EVERYTHING!!!

    Can’t wait for Feb!


  2. Lee Harlem Robinson says:

    Thanks James. 😉 Please come back to HK soon, I would love for the HGB to host my launch party!

  3. James Gannaban says:

    LHR! where’s the dyke drama queen’s comment?! i had just told all my friends about it; it’s the height of subliiiimely delicious dyke drama!

    and yes, nobody can keep me away from your launch. we’ll do it and we’ll spank azz :)

  4. Lee Harlem Robinson says:

    Lol, well if you look at it like that…
    Let’s just say it wasn’t Christmas-y enough. 😉

    Thursday, 16 Feb. I’ll be in touch. Hope to see you soon!

  5. leigha says:

    Ive always wondered what you look like Lee Harlem Robinson…. You are a genuine Inspiration to me. You make my Lesbian drama seem at least a little more relatable, and thats all I could ever ask for! 😛

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