Promotion canapé

“I’ve got a feeling you’ll tell me either way.” If this was game time, I was ready. I felt strangely protective of Lucy and I vowed that whatever big — or sleazy — revelation Mrs Henderson would make, it wouldn’t matter. “You lived in France, right?” She leaned back in her chair and crossed one […]

What we know

I called Lucy twenty times on her cell phone but she didn’t pick up. I left her messages displaying various degrees of panic but she didn’t call back. I was on my own, with only a slamming headache as company, and it was decision time: ignore Mrs Henderson’s e-mail or become Annabelle’s bitch. Not that […]

The hangover

“I like older ladies,” Annabelle said. “That’s not a crime, is it?” I nodded, but what she said barely registered. I was so wasted and I had absolutely no idea how to get home. “I know she looks a bit older, but she is only sixty-three.” Annabelle kept talking while fiddling with the scandalous number […]

Cat fight

Alcohol may destroy your liver and cloud your judgment but it’s the best social lubricant in the world. After one bottle Annabelle and I were chatting like old friends. Her expertly styled hair got frazzled because she couldn’t stop twirling it around her fingers. Her sharp, all-seeing gaze became a bit more mellow and her […]

Office politics

When I arrived at work the next Monday I no longer saw Annabelle as Lucy’s ruthless stuck-up assistant. I wondered what she was doing in a dead-end affair with a woman close to retirement. And surely she could find other, more rewarding jobs than PA’ing for Lucy at BTG. Or was Lucy her reason for […]