Come and Go

When I first started this blog I had no idea that, a year and five months later, I’d be sitting down to write a post about a book inspired by it. Lee had quite a journey on this blog, and it isn’t over yet. In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever let go of Lee […]


“Can’t she send you somewhere closer?” Alex asked, an incredulous look etched on his face. “Like Brussels or Paris. Somewhere the Eurostar goes, for instance.” “We don’t have offices there.” I was still too shocked to display empathy towards him, my best friend I was considering leaving behind. “Do you know what Hong Kong is, […]

What it all comes down to

“We need to talk,” I said, wishing I’d have come up with a more original line. But what did it really matter in the end when hearts got broken and dreams got crushed? “You don’t have to move in next week, darling.” She sipped from a bottle of beer, almost swallowing the top end between […]

Coming of age

“You stand to lose a lot,” Alex said. I had met him for lunch the next Monday, the only time we actually managed to get alone these days. “Maybe,” I listlessly took a bite out of my sandwich. “But not as much as staying with her would cost me.” “What if she fires you?” “I’m […]


I saw them standing together and I knew. The awkward conversation they engaged in faded to nothing and I just saw their lips move. My past and future in romance collided in that moment and delivered a gut-wrenching blow to my stomach. Two versions of love battled for the upper-hand right in front of my […]