What is this?
This website is an adventure in digital chick-on-chick lit. Or Blog Fiction. Or a Webserial. Or everything all at once. I guess it’s mostly serialised dyke drama in blog form.

Where do I begin?
Why not start at the very beginning? At the bottom of each post you can click through to the next one (on the left). Or you can download all the posts in one document/ebook for iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo (.epub), for Kindle (.mobi), or in PDF.

I have no time to read all that. Can I jump right in?
Yes, you can. Find an ultra-short summary here. But beware, it contains many spoilers.

How often do you update?
Once every weekday, I try not to disappoint.

When and where will it end?
On 10 February 2012 the last blog post was published. But this is not the end of Lee. Her adventures in Hong Kong are revealed in ‘Come and Go‘, the first LHR novel.

Do you have a newsletter I can subscribe to?
Of course. Subscribe here. The mailing list is only used for special announcements, like the release of a new story (or other dramatic news that doesn’t fit the daily narrative of the blog posts.)

Why are you doing this?
Because Dyke Drama is a state of mind

Is Lee Harlem Robinson real?
No. This is fiction.

(I’m addicted to dyke drama and I think this is awesome.) How can I help?
Spread the dyke love! Follow me on Twitter (@LeeHaRobinson), ask me inappropriate questions on Tumblr, like me on Facebook, vote for me on Wattpad, rate me on GoodReads or review me on Amazon. You can also download free short stories based on the side characters here.

Can I ask you another question?
Sure. Leave it in the comments or send me an e-mail at leeharlemrobinson@gmail.com

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