Catch Up

You want to jump right in? No problem. Catch up with this ultra brief summary (but brace yourself, it gets complicated.)

Nine years ago Lee Harlem Robinson got a job in a paper factory where she ended up working for Nathalie Stevens, her former teenage crush. Nathalie is married to the heir of the paper company but that doesn’t stop her from embarking on an illicit affair with Lee. It ends badly because Nathalie doesn’t want to leave her husband. Lee flees to London to nurse her broken heart. She gets a job (via Nathalie) working as the assistant of Theresa Sanders, the vice-president of an international advertising agency. Lee moves in with her old friend Alex, a raging queen with a big mouth and a heart of gold. Alex sets her up to sleep with Liz, a professional in the field of romance and sins of the flesh. Lee then falls for Liz’s friend Katy. She is happy, for a while.

The affair with Katy ends abruptly when Nathalie shows up in London. Nathalie is no longer married and came to London to shack up with Anna, a hot psychotherapist. Lee is jealous. Maybe Katy was right to dump her. Nothing happens, except for some heartbreak here and there. Lee’s boss Theresa then introduces her to Claire Burns, the vice-president of the Paris office. Claire is in her late forties, addicted to Botox and a firm believer in open relationships but Lee is so smitten she follows her to Paris anyway, despite the obvious signs that heartbreak is just around the corner. Lee struggles with the open relationship, tries it herself, fails and accepts it for what it is. Until Claire unknowingly sleeps with Lee’s ex-girlfriend Katy while on a business trip to London. This drives Lee into the arms of Louise, a gentle primary school teacher who likes to keep her relationships shut very tightly. Somehow Claire finds a way to bed Louise, the ultimate act of lesbian revenge. Lee is not happy.

Lee meets Christine and Marie, an affluent lesbian couple, who welcome her into their home in exchange for a threesome every other night. Against better judgement Lee starts a relationship with Louise. But despite everything she still loves Claire. She ends up cheating on Louise with Claire. She then needs to leave Paris to get her sanity back so she moves back to London and confronts Katy about her night with Claire. Things get violent, but then settle down. Lee moves into a house in Shoreditch where she finds three new roommates, a lesbian couple named Jennifer and Kim and Jack, her new gay boy BFF. And Lee’s luck continues as she soon finds a job, on Claire’s recommendation, at Blogging The Globe

After a couple of months of rooming with Jennifer and Kim Lee starts to suffer from a growing attraction towards Jennifer. The feeling appears to be mutual. Lee and Jennifer embark on a secret affair, but soon Kim finds out and all lesbian hell breaks loose. Jennifer and Kim split up and Lee and Jennifer continue their affair in public. Lee moves out of the house in Shoreditch and finds a new home in Kensington with Eleanor, the feisty aunt of her new boss, Lucy. Now that their affair is out in the open Lee and Jennifer soon lose their spark and Jennifer goes back to Kim, the girlfriend she left for Lee. Meanwhile, Lee gets involved with her new boss Lucy. But then a ghost returns from the past. Claire Burns is back, and she is willing to give up her old unfaithful ways for Lee. In a heartbeat Lee dumps Lucy and gets back together with Claire. Lucy, her boss, is not happy. More drama ensues. Soon Lee’s old trust issues with Claire pop back up and she goes through an existential crisis while on a writer’s retreat with self-help guru Vivian Carsey, who, amongst other things, teaches Lee how to drink brandy. She comes back from the retreat a changed woman and breaks up with Claire, again. But, as allergic to abstinence as we all know Lee to be, her bed doesn’t remain empty for long.

Lee has a one-night-stand with Lou, her best friend’s Alex’s new colleague. She fancies Lou’s suave ways, but Lou doesn’t do relationships. In some twisted way, this works out well for Lee because she’s still caught in a love/hate foursome in which Claire, Lucy and Sarah, a closeted housewife she met on the writer’s retreat, are the other three participants. It all gets a bit too much for Lee and, for the first time ever, she seeks professional help. But, in true Lee-fashion, she soon develops a crush on her therapist Roz. Luckily she finds a way to channel all this negative love energy when her boss Lucy thinks of an inventive plan for revenge and sends Lee on a four-week boot camp with Joan, the trainer from hell. Lee can’t forget about Lou though and, despite a few mishaps, which include sleeping with her trainer Joan and her therapist Roz, they attempt to make it work. Everything is hunky-dory for a few months, until Lou and Alex start working for Sanders & Burns, Claire’s company.

Meanwhile in Hong Kong, Lee is lonely. She isn’t getting a lot of action and good lesbians are hard to find. But then she kind of falls in love, only to learn that Lucia, the woman she is falling for, will be leaving soon. And it’s all doom and gloom again. (Lee’s subsequent romantic adventures in Hong Kong are revealed in Come and Go, the first LHR novel.)

To be continued…

4 Responses to “Catch Up”

  1. Q says:

    Loving Lee! Thanks for the fantastic writing! Will definitely check back everyday to read more about Lee and her drama!

  2. Lee Harlem Robinson says:

    Thanks Q! And welcome to the drama.

  3. Miguel says:

    Wooow! Lee, What can I say, Loving Lee, she is very interesting…cant wait to read more. I might get hooked if she continu the way she’s going on….

  4. Lee Harlem Robinson says:

    She will never stop! 😉

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