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The Final Blow
The Final Blow

In the previous story, A Stray Hand, Jennifer cheated on her long-term partner Kim with Lee. What happens when Kim finds out and Jennifer has to choose between them? The Final Blow is the sequel to A Stray Hand. Once again, we slip into Jennifer’s skin and follow her side of the story.

Download The Final Blow (zip-file including .mobi, .epub, .pdf)


A Stray Hand
A Stray Hand

Jennifer and Kim share a house with their friend Jack in trendy Shoreditch, but they need a fourth room mate to help pay the rent. Enter Lee, who shakes up the lives of the long-term couple. Would you like to read Jennifer’s side of the story?

Download A Stray Hand (zip-file including .mobi, .epub, .pdf)


Sex With Strangers

Claire and Lee have an open relationship. It sounds easy enough on paper, but reality soon catches up with them. Read Claire’s side of the story.

Download Sex With Strangers (zip-file including .mobi, .epub, .pdf)



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  1. Uraban Sapphic says:

    I liked Sex with Strangers…Thanks :o)

  2. greenrose says:

    love this story.,,wehh,,just cant afford it.hehe

  3. Lee Harlem Robinson says:

    You can win a free copy here

  4. Lee Harlem Robinson says:

    A Stray Hand is now available for free (see above)!

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